These Hot Air Balloons have good stuff inside of the chests. You can try with enderpearls,but using regular good old wood planks is better.

Types of Hot Air Balloons

Pink Hot Air Balloon :Loot: 4 Iron Bars, 2 Golden Apples , 1 Gold Nugget and 2 Potion of Regeneration. Token by LDShadowLady

Pig Hot Air Balloon : Loot : 2 Iron bars 1 Golden Apple 1 Gold Nugget 2 potions of Regeneration and 7 Raw Pork : Token by LDShadowLady

Orange and Blue Hot Air Balloon:Loot :Totem of Undying, 1 Golden Apple, 2 Gold Nuggets and 1 Potion of Regeneration: Token by LDShadowLady

Cow Hot Air Balloon: Loot : 1 Iron Bar, 2 Gold Bars ,2 Buckets of Milk , 1 Diamond , 2 Gold Nuggets and 1 Potion of Regeneration:Token by LDShadowLady

Pig Hot Air Balloon 2:Loot: 3 Name tags , 1 Gold Bar, 2 Gold Nuggets,1 Golden Apple, 4 Potions of Regeneration,

Pink Hot Air Balloon 2: Loot: 2 Golden Apples,2 Golden Bars, 3 iron Bars, 1 Potion of Regeneration